Alex Ginzburg M.D.


Raanana, Israel

Ginzburg Medical

Clinic Description

Dr. Alex Ginzburg was born in Argentina and received his medical training at the Argentina’s University of La Plata School of Medicine and graduated in 1978. After immigrating to Israel, he attended the University of Tel Aviv and completed his specialization in Dermatology in 1987. Dr. Ginzburg has been practicing medicine for 38 years (25 of which have been in the hair transplant field). He has been performing FUE for the past 12 years and has completed over 2,500 hair transplants. At his clinic, Dr. Ginzburg specializes in male patterned baldness, beard transplants, body hair transplants, eyebrows and eyelashes transplants. He is also director of the Hair and Hair Transplant Unit, Class Clinic, Tel Hashomer Hospital in Israel.

Professional Affiliations:

  • World FUE Institute
  • Israel Society for Dermatologic Surgery
  • European Society of Mohs Surgery
  • International Society for Dermatologic Surgery
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery


Professional Awards:

  • 2002 – ISHRS Best Poster and Best Tip
  • 2003 – International Hair Transplant Conference

Dr. Ginzburg is a dermatologist and hair specialist who has been performing hair transplants for over 21 years. At his side is a staff of six nurses who have worked with him for over ten years. The clinic staff is proficient and skilled having undergone special training in hair transplantation. Moreover, the staff participates and teaches at workshops and international conferences on this subject. The staff are also members of an international hair transplant organization. Every year they travel to various countries in order to acquire additional know-how and become aware of different innovations in the field.Training, experience and advanced studies overseas result in a completely professional and updated staff.

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