Antonio Ruston M.D.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Clínica Ruston

Clinic Description

Dr. Antonio Ruston received his medical training at the Sao Paulo State University. He graduated in 1990 and went on to complete residencies in General Surgery in 1992 and Plastic Surgery in 1995. Dr. Ruston has been exclusively been performing hair transplant surgeries since 1998. At his clinic, Dr. Ruston specializes in FUT repairs (multiple and wide scars, depleted donor areas, scalp elasticity issues), FUE depleted donor area repairs, beard and hairline improvement and SMP repair cases.

FUE Innovations:

  • Usage of ULTRAFINES for feathery hairline
  • Ruston Comb
  • Ruston Pro Pillow


Professional Affiliations:

  • World FUE Institute
  • Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Society of Aesthetic Surgery
  • Brazilian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr. Ruston works with a team of seven assistants utilizing only the latest state-of-the-art technology. He prefers to perform only one, high-volume hair transplant surgery per day, a “Megasession,” during which up to 2,500 grafts can be transplanted. In this way, the need for multiple sessions is eliminated, saving the patient both time and money, as well as offering more satisfactory and natural results.

Dr. Ruston, passionate for his work, believes that by utilizing available technology and applying his keen sense of aesthetics, hair restoration surgery can offer excellent and totally natural results.

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