Bijan Feriduni M.D.


Hasselt, Belgium

Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic

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Clinic Description

Dr. Bijan Feriduni was born in Germany and received his medical training at the J. W. Goethe University in Frankfurt and graduated in 1993 with a specialty in Esthetic Surgery. Dr. Feriduni has been practicing medicine for 22 years and has been performing FUE for the past 12 years. At his clinic, the Feriduni Hair Clinic in Hasselt, Belgium Dr. Feriduni specializes in esthetic and reconstructive hair transplant surgery, scar corrections, BHT, eyelash, eyebrow and beard reconstruction and SHA-lift (surgical hairline lowering).

Professional Affiliations:

  • World FUE Institute
  • American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)
  • International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery (IAHRS)
  • Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians
  • European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ESHRS)

Dr. Bijan Feriduni is an acknowledged international expert in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery having the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to achieve long-term success with either of the two hair transplantation techniques, FUE or FUT.

Since its opening in 2000, the Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic with its team of specialists under the leadership of Dr. Feriduni has been helping people suffering from hair loss to feel and look better through a hair transplant. More than 5,000 patients have been successfully treated, providing proof of Dr. Feriduni’s careful and competent approach.

Dr. Feriduni has gained an international reputation for his optimal restoration of hairlines and for the naturalness and aesthetic quality of the results achieved.

The Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic focuses not just on providing high-quality hair transplants, but also on providing patients with first-class service.

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