, Clinica Muricy

Sao Paulo, Brazil

About Maria Angelica Muricy Sanseverino

Dr. Maria Angelica Muricy Sanseverino holds her medical degree in dermatology and has been a pioneer in performing FUE mega-sessions after years of training post-graduate in Argentina, the USA and Europe. She has also published many articles and various medical publications on FUE. She is medical director of the Muricy Clinic in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Professional Affiliations:

  • ABCRC Brazilian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • SBD Brazilian Society of Dermatology
  • SBCD Brazilian Society of Dermatological Surgery
  • ISHRS International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery


Clinic Description

The Muricy Clinic specializes in hair transplantation for men and women using modern and advanced techniques with more than two decades of expertise. The clinic was founded by Dr. Jose Candido Muricy, one of the first surgeons to specialize in mega-sessions in Brazil. The clinic is made up of two units, one in Sao Paulo and one in Curitiba.